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Hone Your Skills

We equip the youths with the skills and strategies to excel in the business of photography.

Get Employed On The Spot

We provide employment opportunities for the best graduating students seeking employment.

Start Your Photography Business

Providing business opportunities and guidance for those ready to kickstart their entrepreneurship journey after the course.

About the Academy
Founded by Nigeria’s fastest-growing modern photography studios, 363 Photography, the academy is aimed at supporting the growth of the industry and impacting society with training courses, employment opportunities and free business advisory.
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Structure & Duration

The academy offers a 3-month practical training course for beginners three times a year.

Each session is designed to teach beginners the art and science of Photography. Beginners will learn the technical, psychological, and emotional skills needed to become good photographers and excel in the photography business.
Classes are majorly practical and will hold 3 times a week for three months.
Certificates will be issued at the end of each training course.
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